- Lovingly opposing the homosexual agenda...
Three fundamental concerns are driving the formation of the new citizens organization:

I. The negative impact of special rights initiatives on all businesses and property owners, with a particularly negative impact on faith- based and faith-inspired businesses and property owners.

II. The negative impact of special rights initiatives on every citizen's constitutionally protected rights to freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.

III. The negative impact of the practice of homosexuality on the individuals who practice it and on the rest of the society.

The main multifaceted emphasis of the group is to defend Traditional Marriage as 'between one man and one woman', to respond to the controversy at the University of Notre Dame regarding homosexual activism at several levels, to respond to 'special rights for homosexuals' ordinances as they come forward in the Region and to facilitate help and ministry for those suffering from the ill effects of the homosexual lifestyle. See

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The purpose of this page is to help you to get up to speed on the consequences of giving homosexuality a "special protected class" status in our community or far worse in our nation. The links below will help you to get important information as a citizen and as a person of Faith. Did you realize that extending a special protected class status could lead to the persecution of all faith based organizations and business who refuse to hire homosexuals in any position. How could a Church or a faith based school or day care center comply with such an order? Why should any employer be forced to under the threat of devastating lawsuits?

One homosexual activist who spoke at the University of Notre Dame recently suggested that groups like the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities should be defunded because of their faith based position that homosexuality is a sin. Others have attacked the Boy Scouts as well for being unwilling to embrace homosexuality. The same speaker said that the Church often says Love the sinner but hate the sin. His response was that that was not good enough. Yet that is precisely what Jesus did when He told the woman caught in Adultery (another form of sexual sin) . .. I don't condemn you but go and sin no more. And more importantly it is the best offer the Church can make while being true to the Scriptures. For people of Faith opposing sinful acts as defined in God's Word is a matter of intellectual honesty and holiness. Extending the promise of mercy to those willing to repent is the highest expression God's Grace and Love.

This is not an issue of tolerating what people do in the privacy of their own home. This has become an aggressive attempt to force the moral acceptance of homosexual acts as normal on the entire population. That is why every citizen with Faith should actively oppose these attempts to legitimize homosexuality and the attempts to punish anyone who dares to disagree with these radical homosexual activists. At the same time each citizen with Faith should be learning how to reach out to those who have become addicted to homosexuality and who are suffering the consequences of this dangerous, destructive lifestyle choice...

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