- Lovingly opposing the homosexual agenda...

Three fundamental concerns are driving the formation of the new citizens organization:

I. The negative impact of special rights initiatives on all businesses and property owners, with a particularly negative impact on faith- based and faith-inspired businesses and property owners.

II. The negative impact of special rights initiatives on every citizen's constitutionally protected rights to freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.

III. The negative impact of the practice of homosexuality on the individuals who practice it and on the rest of the society.

The main multifaceted emphasis of the group is to defend Traditional Marriage as 'between one man and one woman', to respond to the controversy at the University of Notre Dame regarding homosexual activism at several levels, to respond to 'special rights for homosexuals' ordinances as they come forward in the Region and to facilitate help and ministry for those suffering from the ill effects of the homosexual lifestyle.

Another Profamily Victory through your prayers, emails and calls . . . Stay vigilant though . . . or Faith Speech will be silenced.

In Him,

On Hate Crimes, No Love Lost

After weeks of political wrangling, the Senate finally cried uncle on an unpopular plan to attach "hate crimes" legislation to the Defense Authorization bill. By pulling the proposal before members could even vote on it, Democrats demonstrated just how little real support the legislation enjoyed--even among the party faithful. With Congress a month out from primary season and our troops in desperate need of resources, one Democratic aide told reporters that "hate crimes" had nowhere near the backing it needed to pass. "We're about 40 votes short, not four or six," he said. "Fed up" with the sheer volume of emails they received (which is how one office described your overwhelming response to FRC's alert), the leadership made a wise decision to drop the provision.

Had they not, it would have likely caused serious PR problems--not only for them but for a number of their Democratic colleagues running in the presidential primaries next month. For our military, however, the damage may have already been done. The months of delay may not have affected Congress, which operates within the safety and comfort our troops provide, but it has certainly affected the ability of our brave men and women to do their jobs. This should be an embarrassment to the majority. We congratulate Senator Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Reps. Roy Blunt (Mo.) and John Boehner (Ohio), who were instrumental in the provision's defeat--as were those of you who took the time to make your opinions known. Together, we continue to make a major difference!

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